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A wave of skyscrapers and a flood of immigrations

which means the driving force of the Polish economy in the coming decades

by Marta Pietrzak

Despite of not very favorable past, this is a myth that the Polish economy is only a continuous decline in every area. Many economic analysis show that Poland is constantly growing in every respect and since about 10 years it has been a noticeable strong economic growth.

Published by the World Bank statistics in the field of GDP (gross domestic product) showed that in 2017 Poland is ranked at the twenty-fourth place among all national economies around the world. Continuous development of social and territorial development, foreign expansion, reindustrialization, as well as a large number of foreign investments, and thus the development of innovative projects, are one of the few factors of economic development in Poland.

Ministry of Development in Poland notes also the two giants that already effectively transform Poland’s face and will do it for the next several decades. As it turns out, giants there are more and more new construction projects and the increasing number of foreigners settling in Poland permanently. Center for the development of this type of phenomena is of course Warsaw – Polish capital. Here, in this city, every year is carried out dozens of new construction investments led by skyscrapers. Foreigners often give Warsaw the nickname pretender to the second Dubai. In fact, this phrase is not far from the truth. Currently the highest building in Poland is located in Warsaw. This is the Palace of Culture and Science, which height is 237 meters. Notwithstanding, very soon it is expected a creation about 10 new skyscrapers, from which height of 4 have will exceed 237 meters.

Building investments are nowadays a very important sector of the Polish economy, mainly due to the fact that they constitute a place for the creation and development of different kinds of activities. In the years 2010 – 2016, only in Warsaw, have been created about 72 new construction projects. The vast majority (82%) of this type of investment is a foreign capital. Foreign investors have been rising more and more new buildings, where open branches of their companies. Such activities result in more jobs for Polish citizens, but also there are very attractive for foreigners who supply jobs in foreign companies. It should be also noted that according to statistics conducted by the Ministry of Development in Warsaw, 73% of foreigners settling in Poland permanently, are not refugees, but on the contrary – they are foreigners migrating to Poland in order to undertake a specific job at a high position, usually in a branch of a foreign parent company.

Despite the fact that Poland still does not belong to the very open-minded countries, especially in the field of coexistence between different cultures and religions, Warsaw as a capital of Poland, is doing well with a growing number of foreigners. The capital’s citizens are well aware that future of  Polish economy is in foreign capital’s hands and foreigners are absolutely its part. Moreover, Warsaw residents know that foreigners stay in Poland there are also a huge revenues to the country budget. Foreigners are employed on the same terms as the Poles: they pay taxes, actively participate in the exchange of goods and services, and above all, pay a lot of money for dealing with all the immigration law procedures.

Therefore it should be overcome an erroneous thinking, that hundreds of high-rise buildings which come from a foreign capital and taking to the strength migrations, are only losses for our country. Of course, we cannot allow for a situation in which Poland will lose its identity and will be only a foreign capital. But… the real key to success is an appropriate use of our national potential, where skyscrapers and friends from all over the world are the way to the top.

Marta Pietrzak
Lawyer, journalist, traveler. She loves Italian cuisine and oriental dishes. Specialist in Polish immigration law. Assistant of the Legal Aid Department at Papug.pl