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Another Polish Pearl

by Katarzyna Jeromska

Mikolajki is a city in Poland located on the shores of lakes Tałty and Mikolajki, belonging to the Mazury lakes. Mikolajki – tourist center, frequented by tourists from the Kaliningrad region of Russia (especially the local water park attracts them). For the first time mentioned in written sources as Nickelsdorf in 1444. Apparently, the name is derived from the Church of St. Nicholas, the saint patron of fishermen. In addition, on the territory of the city there were villages End (Koniec) and Koslan (Koslau). Prior to the construction of a wooden bridge in 1516, communication between the three populations was carried out only by water. Nikolaiken name mentioned in 1610. During the Second Polish-Swedish War Nikolayken was heavily damaged by the Tatars, and a large part of the population – stolen into slavery. Despite this, the village quickly recovered.

In 1726 Nikolayken, combining both End and Koslan, received from Frederick William I the rights of city. A great economic importance for the city was laying on Lettsenski channel in the years 1764-1765, which linked the Niegocin and Mamry, and gave an opportunity to transport the wood to the north of Prussia.

From ancient times to the present day Mikolajki has been the center of fishing. Since the XIX century, the city became a popular tourist destination. The first hotel was opened in the city in 1888. Since 1911, the city remaine connected with the rest of Prussia by rail.

Mikolajki attracts mainly fans of sailing and other water sports. There are all conditions: beautiful cozy marina and one of the best tracks for kayaking in Europe. Mikolajki – it is also rich flora and fauna. Just a few kilometers from the Mikołajki is a series of unique natural reserve – a paradise for naturalists. Finally, Mikolajki coexist with a Mazury landscape park – the heart of the Lake Masuria region.

In Mikolajki and around the city there are many places worth visiting, with interesting historical and architectural monuments. Great hotel base in Mikolajki offers accommodation for every taste and budget – from cheap apartments to cozy rooms in luxury hotels.

Finally, Mikolajki has the largest water park in the region, where not only locals like to rest, but also where many tourists come to enjoy.

All of this – an excellent reasons to come to Mikolajki!

Katarzyna Jeromska
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