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Piotr Kopec
Licensed Legal Advisor specializing in advisory for entrepreneurs. Good English-speaker who previously worked for European Commission. Fun of sport and good literature.
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Acquisition of real estate by a foreigner in Poland

by Piotr Kopec The issue of real estate acquisition by foreigners in Poland is governed by the Polish Act of 24 March 1920 on the acquisition of real estate by ...

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When is a company dominant in Polish law

When is a company dominant in Polish law?

by Piotr Kopec Observation of economic reality in Poland leads to a conclusion that owners of the companies more and more often decide to create a capital group of companies. ...

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Polish limited liability company Poland

How to establish and register a limited liability company in Poland? Practical guide

by Piotr Kopec Business activity in Poland may be conducted in different forms. Apart from individual business activity, the Polish Code of Commercial Companies regulates the main categories of commercial ...

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The dissemination of an image

The dissemination of an image

by Piotr Kopec Is it possible to disseminate our image without our permission? I would like to answer the question of whether the dissemination of the image of a person ...

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