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Cars of the future

by Katarzyna Jeromska

For all fans of luxury-looking modern cars, we have some good news! Probably everybody had heard something about Tesla cars, which thought to be one of the greatest achievements of our century. By owning such car, you could not only be classy and fabulous, but also eco-friendly. In June 2014, it was decided to open access to Tesla patents to accelerate the transition to electric cars, which certainly made it more famous around the world. Somebody heard about it from friends, somebody read some articles in Internet, or probably heard some information on TV. But most of the people still prefer traditional fuel cars, considering them as more comfortable, habitual, convenient and reliable. However, Tesla cars have exemplary technical characteristics. These cars are able to go up to 500 kilometers on a single charge and show the incredible dynamics. For example, Model S Ludicrous accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hour in 3 seconds, which puts it in line with such supercars, as Aston Martin Vanquish (3.6 sec), Audi RS 7 (2.9 sec), Bentley Continental (3.3 sec), BMW M3 (3.1 sec), Chevrolet Camaro (3 sec), Jaguar F-type (3.4 sec), Mercedes-AMG GT S (3 sec), Porsche Panamera (3.3 sec) and many others.

As for now, we have three models of Tesla cars: Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, which started to be produced in 2015. The new model of budget electro car Tesla Model 3 was presented on 31 March 2016 in California. It became the first model of the company, focused on the mass market with the price of 35 000$. New car has 215 miles (346 km) of reserve, acceleration time to 96 km/hour is 6 seconds, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that next models will be faster. The number of orders for the first three days reached 276 000. As for now we have this model presented in three colors: red, silver and matt grey. Exterior of a new electric vehicle has a clean and uncluttered design, which is typical for concept cars. Moreover, the roof of Tesla Model 3 is made entirely of glass, which would make a pleasure for all lovers of enjoyment of the night sky.

Tesla Model S became a real revolution in the world of cars. Having excellent speed characteristics puts it in the line with Porsche 911 and BMW M5. However, the car is considered to be family type. Model S has several models with different technical characteristics. Price for minimal configuration (RWD Model S 60) is 66 000$. Configuration P100D, with Ludicrous package, has acceleration time 3 seconds, four-wheel drive and power reserve 613 kilometers. Full speed is 250 km/hour. The price of Tesla Model S P90D with all additional options, including Ludicrous package and autopilot is 136,500$. Delivery price for all models is 1200$.

As you can see, electric cars are not always bad option, sometimes it is even better, especially taking into account its technological characteristics, which are often better than in regular cars. Also, the price is available to usual people. Of course, as for today this field is not that developed as fuel cars, but maybe we should think more carefully? Especially thinking about our environment, which needs more attention today than ever.

Katarzyna Jeromska
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