Creating a good product concept is not enough for its success. Increasing quality doesn’t always mean increasing customer’s loyalty.
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Comments and reviews

by Weronika Kajdanska 

Creating a good product concept is not enough for its success. Increasing quality doesn’t always mean increasing customer’s loyalty. People expect not only the item itself, when purchasing things but all the ‘psychological’ aspects of that purchase.

So as demand creates supply, the need of comfort creates such things as customer service, brand design and post sale support. It applies not only to physical products but to services and mobile applications.

Business is all about thinking the way the customer thinks.
And he needs to be sure that his decision was correct.
Reviews do a great job here because they provide the customer with the opportunity to socialize with other customers.

Socializing brings up something that is called word-of-mouth marketing. Clients’ base is growing. Opinions and judgments are going viral, creating an image of the product the way customers see it. People share their experience in using the product, and their personal viewpoint on it.

Comments and reviews also help in navigating others to the web page with your product. This means that clients can accidentally come across your banner looking for something completely different. The more comments product gets – the more indirect references are created.

Clients often express their gratitude or negative experience by writing their stories and descriptions of the issue. They use keywords, synonyms and sometimes even external links to other articles/web pages. Such a brainstorming has even more effects than could be expected.

Moreover, each feedback is valuable if to consider advantages and disadvantages of the product. It’s hard to predict all the negative aspects if there is no one to test it. And expressing positive or negative attitude can push developers to fix the issues or to work on the upgrades.

So how to make people leave their reviews on your webpage?

Firstly, commenting should be easy and comfortable for the customer. User-friendly interface is a big Yes.

Secondly, you will have to make a decision if you want to turn on pre-moderation. Pre-moderation or comment moderation is a feature that allows preventing comments from appearing on your site without your approval. A lot of customers don’t like such an approach. On the other hand, it helps to reduce the volume of inadequate reviews or comments written using inappropriate language.

Thirdly, pop-up messages, asking to leave the feedback, can play an important role. People don’t want to waste their time on writing long stories. But one-click action like putting a star can be acceptable by most of them.

Also, valuing client’s opinion is extremely important. So promo codes or free coupons could be a great solution to express how much you appreciate your customers’ opinion. Such the feedback interactions can bring a lot of benefits for business.

Building great relationships with the customers brings you to the win-win situation with the mutual advantages without spending a fortune on marketing research and commercials. And sometimes a simple conversation can be the key to it.

Weronika Kajdanska
Student at the Warsaw School of Economics. Traveler and extreme sports fan. Always ready to share inspiring stories. Personal assistant at