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Discovering winter Poland

by Katarzyna Jeromska

Many of us like skiing. Also many of us have heard or even visited Zakopane, which is obviously one of the most popular Polish resorts. But how many of us have heard about Krynica Zdroj? And at the same time, this resort is no worse than Italian, Austrian or any other resorts, even though not so expensive and overcrowded.

Krynica Zdroj is the pearl of Polish health resorts, located 150 kilometers from Krakow in the eastern part of the Beskid Sadecki at the height of 560 – 620 meters above sea level in a picturesque valley of the river Kryniczanka and its tributaries. Popularity to Krynica brought healing mineral water, among which special attention should be given to water Zuber – unique on a European scale water with an extremely high mineral content. So as you can see, there is a lot of things to do besides skiing! Numerous resorts and spas, located at the resort are fully equipped with modern medical facilities and successfully compete with the most famous centers in the country and abroad.

The geographical location of the resort of Krynica Zdroj in Poland, on the southern slopes of the sun hills caused the formation here of a unique healing microclimate, which is characterized by a large number of sunny days per year, significant differences of day and night temperatures, as well as a steady snow cover (from mid-November until the end of March). These characteristics provide excellent conditions for ski holidays. But the most important advantage of the microclimate of the resort of Krynica Zdroj is the lack of polluting industries in the region.

Jaworzyna Krynicka mountain is located 6 kilometers from the center of the resort. It is the highest peak (1114 meters), the eastern part of the Beskid Sadecki, with wonderful views of the surrounding landscape, and on sunny days you can admire the panorama of the Slovak Tatras. It is here the longest operating in Poland gondola. The ski area is a 7 ski slopes of different difficulty levels (1 black, 5 red and 2 blue) with a height difference of 465 meters. Snow cover is held there for at least four months a year. All the tracks have a setup for creating artificial snow cover. For snowboarders there is a snowpark and a fun park. Near the lifts there are numerous cafes. At the bottom station it has a large parking lot, operates a large number of rental ski and school.

The ski resort Slotviny Arena is located 2.5 km from Krynica Zdroj at the height 670 meters on the picturesque slopes Slotviny. In total there are 10 ski runs (3 red and 7 blue), length of 6.5 km, the level difference is 163 meters. The ski area is equipped with a chair lift and two rope tows. This is complemented by a 600-meter snow park and the opportunity to off-piste skiing. There is a possibility of night skiing.

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