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New Planet X in the Solar System

by Katarzyna Jeromska

If you have just learned about the existence of Nibiru, it is time to find out more about this fantastic planet X and sort out in a huge pile of theories, myths and hypotheses. And so, for a start: The new planet four times the size of our Earth may be on the edge of the solar system, beyond Pluto.

There is a hypothesis that Nibiru is a planet X, whose orbit at perihelion crosses the solar system between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. The primary promoter of the idea was Zacharia Sitchin, who claimed that Nibiru is supposedly described in the Sumerian texts as the 12th planet. In his books, Sitchin claimed that in this fictional world live highly intelligent beings who identify them with the Anunnaki – divinities of Mesopotamian mythology. Hypothetical “invisible” planet is too far, to significantly influence the movement of the Earth and other inner planets, but close enough to objects of “scattered disk” to sway them.

Many astronomers have spent most of the 1900s in search of the planet, dubbed Planet X, beyond the orbit of Neptune, in which they saw an abnormal phenomenon. Astronomers have not yet succeeded in seeing the planet, but scientists give indirect information about the orbits of Kuiper belt objects, which indicate the “X Planet”. It should be, according to researchers, in orbit with a period of about 15 thousand years. It’s weight exceeds the mass of the Earth in ten times. She was immediately associated with Nibiru – the mythical wandering the planet in the solar system, which is mentioned by the ancient Babylonians.

However, the authors of the work say that the existence of this planet will remain a hypothesis as long as with telescopes it won’t be able to detect it. Direct search for “Planet X” may take at least another five years.

If the existence of the planet Nibiru will be confirmed after Gomez investigation, it will not the first case when a space object is detected by its gravitational influence on its neighbors. For example, the existence of Neptune was hypothetically established because of the perturbation of the orbit of Uranus in the early 19th century – long before the gas giant telescopes appeared in the mid-19th century.

And so, throwing a large number of specially apocalyptic horror stories that punctuated the Internet, we can assume that Nibiru exists, as something new in astronomy and a very interesting object of ancient mythology.

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