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New Russia’s military doctrine

by Katarzyna Jeromska

Just before the New Year, on December 31, Vladimir Putin signed an updated version of the National Security Strategy. For the first time since 2009, Russia announced the US and NATO as threat. The list of grounds for NATO classified as enemy is quite capacious: there are such reasons as expansion of NATO to the East, and increased military activity of the Member States, and the establishment of new military infrastructure near the Russian border. And the document also passed through Ukraine. More specifically, through the role of the West in Euromaidan revolution. Again, Europe and the United States were named as the main perpetrators of all the troubles in the country.

The authors of this doctrine believe that Russia “has demonstrated its ability to ensure the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the state, protection of the rights of compatriots abroad.”

Among the achievements of Russia also called the revival of traditional spiritual and moral values and strengthening of public health.

All these charges are in conjunction with the statements of the increased role of Russia on the world stage. On this basis, it concludes that Russia is threatened by the Americans – because America threatens that taken by Russia role of the second world superpower. In general, the document of Russia’s military strategy reflects the mood inside the country. Most of the population has a vague idea about life in the West. A total of 18 percent of the population were abroad. The information the population receives is mainly from of the federal TV channels. Many consider the US and NATO as enemies since the Soviet times.

The document also says that the emergence of the terrorist group “Islamic state” and strengthening of its effects are the result of a double standard policies of some countries in the fight against terrorism.

The reluctance of moderate imperial ambitions is the worst part of the Soviet heritage. These ambitions are helping the ruling elite to make people endure worsening conditions of life and shift the responsibility for virtually any event to external forces.

According to Russian law, the documents related to strategic planning, should be adjusted every six years, and the current version of the National Security Strategy was approved by Dmitry Medvedev in May 2009, which then served as president.

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