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Should we Push the world?

by Weronika Kajdanska 

>..< would like to send you push notifications.

Sounds familiar?


Push notifications are the way for an application to communicate with its user. They are designed to draw your attention by sending information to your device even when you aren’t using the app.

Push notifications are one of the main forces of an application marketing and, as we all know, the power of commercial is unlimited. They are a cornerstones of a relationship between the data consumer and the application. We don’t pay much attention to them and to the way they work, but, trust me, there are those who do. Moreover, its their job.

Marketers’ main goal is to make you spend your money. All methods are useful – starting from polite reminders to begging and threatening the customer. Here is an example of how I got overplayed by the marketers:

The application that was not used for a long time started sending call-to-action messages. “I am hungry”, was one of those. Then “Feed me please”. After the attempt to delete the app I received “Leo says bye”, which I considered extremely sad. Summing up, the app is still installed.

Don’t let them play with your feelings, because they are also playing with your wallets. Your phone is above all the tasks you have to do. Basically it feels like cleaning your messy room.

The red oval with numbers in the corner of your app creates an illusion of having things not done. User ends up being busy and feeling like a key player in the social chain. And dealing with such illusions costs us a lot of our personal time. In some cases, it even leads to a loss of interest in learning or staying curious, which are one of the drivers of people’s happiness.

So is there a special type of the notification we want to receive? Something that makes us feel satisfied somehow? The answer is yes. And here is what we appreciate about ‘Pushing’.

>The context matter!

Its obvious that we expect something inspiring than negative. That’s why apps sending reminders about things that have not been done are less likely to be trending.

>Don’t forgot to..!

Getting a polite reminder before the deadline actually comes – amazing.


We love receiving information about things we are currently interested in or about the locations we are at. And it annoys us a lot when we see notes about Sale in Australia, if we are in Warsaw.

>Keep in touch

The ones that shows us the daily activity of other users of course. The communication is a crucial thing nowadays. Another interesting aspect is timing. Have you ever thought about when do you receive the push-notifications? This is a promise land for researchers and data analysts.

What is interesting – the number of notifications which have been opened is growing through the day, peaking in the evening. Think about it from the perspective of your own day. When is the most appropriate time to check your phone? In the morning while drinking coffee and after a busy day, when all you want is to concentrate on yourself. Now give it a guess. When will you receive your next push?

By the way.

You’ve got a new message.

Weronika Kajdanska
Student at the Warsaw School of Economics. Traveler and extreme sports fan. Always ready to share inspiring stories. Personal assistant at Papug.pl