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Social recruiting

by Weronika Kajdanska

Everything we consume is a result of someone’s ideas and skills. The mix of these factors generates profits for business, while leaving something without attention brings losses.

Business should stay up to date which means that business team has to look for new solutions and apply innovations. Cutting costs is a general practice in each organization, however the real art is to be able to find the most discreet and unexpected way to do so.

If price/salary reduction or lowering the quality of the product is not an option for the company, then a good solution could be finding trivial branches that perform a high level of money-spending. The article’s main focus is HR, because hiring employees is a complex process that is always connected with budget spending.

Hiring procedures vary from organization to organization. Its looks extremely different in small firms than in international corporations. Sometimes a new candidate has to go through a number of tests, conversations and case study-projects, however, sometimes it’s enough to have just a regular phone interview.

What is common about these situations, is the question ‘How do we find candidates?’. Companies can use advertisement, commercials, billboards and flyers but such approaches assume high waste of cost and time resources. There is also a much cheaper way like letting your colleagues know that a new worker is needed. But usually its not very effective. So what the possible solution could be?

Let’s be innovative! We live in the World Wide Web era, internet is literally irreplaceable part of every day’s life. Why shouldn’t companies use it to look for recruiters for the new jobs? Social recruiting, common known as Recruitment using social networks becomes extremely popular.

The first and the most important advantage of social recruiting is the fact that it involves almost no costs at all. HR will post the information about new job available online or contact all candidates personally, creating personalized relationship, instead of bombarding candidates with job advertisements.

Secondly, posting the information about a new vacancy opened is better than any sort of commercial as it saves not just money but time. There is no more need to go through a ton of CVs which are usually not updated or badly constructed. All the information about the personality of the candidate, his interests and previous experience is already available in his social media profile. This information is more likely to be accurate than the one from the traditional CV.

Another perk of social recruitment is the opportunity to attract young and enthusiastic people. Its extremely hard to find young person who doesn’t use any of social networks nowadays, so the message will be delivered straightly to the target group. This fact will definitely help business to become more competitive and innovative.

On the other hand, its crucial to remember about risks and disadvantages that are coming with social recruiting.

Firstly, as the boundaries between personal and business information are blurred, it’s not always right to base only on this kind of mixed information when making a hiring decision. In addition, candidate might post too much information that can lead to discrimination from the side of HR agent. Personal factor still plays an important role here.

Another problem could be the wrong target group that can be approached. Business might never know whom it could attract. Posting a job advertisement on Facebook will definitely attract different group of people that it could attract for example on LinkedIn.

Many businesses treat social networks with suspicion and it’s of course a right thing to do. But creating a new approaches and rules, synchronizing traditional HR processes with internet and social networks might not be as bad idea as it seems. Future is about what happens now.

Weronika Kajdanska
Student at the Warsaw School of Economics. Traveler and extreme sports fan. Always ready to share inspiring stories. Personal assistant at