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The Venus Project

by Katarzyna Jeromska

The Venus Project is a non-profit international non-governmental organization founded by Jacques Fresco, along with Roxanne Meadows who are implementing a project aimed at achieving a peaceful, stable, constant and stable development of the global civilization, through the transition to the global resource-based economy, general automation, the introduction of the latest scientific advances in all human life and the use of scientific decision-making methodology.

Jacque Fresco has developed the “Venus Project” for almost all his life – since the beginning of the Great Depression in the United States. At present the project ideas are contained in several books (“Designing the Future”, “All the best that money can not buy” and others), documentaries (“Welcome to the Future”, “United City” production of the BBC, “Paradise or oblivion “” The choice is ours “) and numerous interviews (one of the most famous – an interview with Larry King in 1970). Around the world, local branches are created by the local branch which are supervised, supported and developed by the “Venus Project” activists.

According to Fresco, profit should stop playing the role of criteria when selecting solutions. Also, based on the fact that man is a part of the environment, it proposes a new system of values of human existence (in accordance with the carrying capacity), which would take care of the environment and of all the people, and would be consistent with the nature of human needs. Fresco believes these ideas is quite feasible and practical. It is expected that the project will give the public a wide range of opportunities that will lead to a new era of peace and sustainable development.

The following goals of “Venus Project” are declared: cancellation of the artificial boundaries that separate people; stabilization of the world’s population through better education and voluntary birth control; manufacturing of only the highest quality production for all people in the world; encouraging of creativity and the creative principle in man in all its manifestations; getting rid of the remnants of the past (nationalism, fanaticism) and prejudice by raising the level of education of the world’s population; creating a new language of communication on the basis of its rapprochement with the outside world; intellectual and emotional preparation of people for the upcoming changes, and many many others.

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