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Unexpected places

by Weronika Kajdanska 

Staying at one place is equal to staying in a comfort zone.
But as long as you leave it – you come across new adventures.

You never know where your trip is leading you to. Maybe to new goals or to new disappointments.

It’s totally obvious why we set goals after going somewhere. It turns out that there is other life, other mentality and lifestyle which contribute a lot to what we already have.

New jobs, sports, views, activities that we find exciting and interesting.

But what about disappointments. The more we know – the harder it is to handle all the information around us. The other life we see can turn out to be not that bright and promising. Low incomes, strict government, poor life conditions – all of these shows the reality that is ignored by the majority. And when we travel – we compare. But sometimes it’s still worth experiencing poor life conditions in order to think better about your own place.

On the other hand, disappointment comes not only from the bad sides of the world but from the good ones as well. Watching people who live in a fancy way and being a part of their society can also cause frustrations. If person, who comes from a poor country, travel to a one with a developed economy, all the differences become obvious. And after being able to afford luxury hotels and cars, expensive food and cloth, it’s hard to come back to your normal life with a lack of all these things.

‘World tours’ become more and more common among searching for truths enthusiasts. People earn some amount of money, leave their job and take a gap year from their regular life. Europe becomes a typical destination because there is no need to apply for multiple visas, also same currency is an obvious advantage.

The reason that pushes people to exploring is the natural need of visiting ‘trending places’, like Berlin, Paris or Roma. And since there is no limits in traveling inside the EU – its easy to see all places from the check list at a time.

Poland is becoming more and more popular destination for the ‘world tour’ makers. One of the reasons according to some Italian Couchsurfers is pretty unexpected. They consider Paris as a typical mainstream destination for tourists. But Poland sounds exotic and unexplored for them.

Ryanair is doing its job well by offering cheap flights, polish currency makes goods seem to be cheap, beautiful castles and buildings turn the visit into an Unexpected Trip. After all, travelers are happy and satisfied, tourism is booming.

Another great impression comes with the people and their attitudes towards visitors. Poles greet travelers with their mentality which results in a great hospitality and interest to foreigners but favor to the traditions at the same time. Being warmly welcome in the other country is a big Yes for both sides.

Sometimes it’s not places but people who make us love traveling. And there are still 7.5 billion people to meet and even more places to explore.

Weronika Kajdanska
Student at the Warsaw School of Economics. Traveler and extreme sports fan. Always ready to share inspiring stories. Personal assistant at