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Your streets, but our tenements…

by Marta Pietrzak 

Such epithet used Jews in the Polish territory during interwar period. A lot of major factories and enterprises belonged to the Jewish community. Of course, Poles also had their own capital in their own country, but general areas, especially trade, were occupied by Jews.

The current situation reminds times almost from the period before Second World War. The share of foreign capital in Polish companies is very large. This fact is confirmed by numerous statistics. Retail trade, electronics, food processing and production machines or clothing are the main areas of foreign investment. Of course, there are also areas in which the leading role is played by Polish entrepreneurs, however, over time this phenomenon is less and less. A large cash injection is the base of the opening and functioning each main company. Unfortunately, the money on the Polish market is missing, hence it is necessary to take advantage of foreign investment funds, thereby reducing its stake or even their total sales.

The consequence of this situation is the total dependence Polish companies from the foreign entrepreneurs. According to the report ‘Foreign direct investment in Poland and Polish direct investment abroad in 2014’, foreign capital in Poland is mostly in the Germans, Americans and also French hands. Moreover, year-on-year also Dutch influences increase in our country.

This begs the question: why Polish lands are so crowded with foreign capital? According to a study conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Poland is a very efficient place in the world for all kinds of investments, for many countries, especially because of the climate and the area surface.

Many people will ask themselves, what will be the Poland future in the present state of things? And above all, what are the pros and cons of huge foreign investments?

Undoubtedly, Poland as a not too wealthy country, thanks to foreign funds, has growth opportunities in virtually, every area. However, what then…? We shouldn’t forget that at this moment, withdrawal of even some foreign shares, could cause the liquidation of many companies in Poland. In 2014, the total value of all foreign investments exceeded about 700 billion dollars. The loss of such money is a real disaster for Polish economic dimension.

In summary, Poland is like a magnet for foreign investors. Present times require a correct political and economic relations between countries all over the world. Most countries makes investments in the other countries, and also willingly allows for investments in their lands. Investment’s interrelations are certainly a very good idea to reinforce and strengthen the relations between the countries. However, in sociologists’ opinion, this situation is the cause of so-called ‘dependence on foreign capital’, which in turn may even lead to military conflicts.

Of course, the above mentioned scenario has the darkest colour. We should have hope that the current Polish government will skillfully use the funds provided by foreign shareholders.

Marta Pietrzak
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