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Fall in love with a place as with a person

by Marta Stupnicka

If Warsaw would be a person it was a female. It would be the lady with which you would fall in love at first sight because her beauty is notable in every detail and her style, character and behavior put a spell on you at once.

Like every woman she becomes more attractive and beautiful with ages. Experiencing a lot of difficulties this lady carefully keeps the most valuable things from every epoch. There are Palace of Culture and Science, Royal Castle, St. Alexander’s Church, The Warsaw Barbican, Potocki Palace, Holy Cross Church, the Lazienki Palace, National Museum, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, University of Warsaw, St. Florian’s Cathedral, Grand Theatre and National Opera, Wilanow Palace, Warsaw University Library.

She is proud of her history and boasts her present achievements such as Museum of Modern Art, National Stadium, Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Park, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Copernicus Science Centre, a lot of hotels with gorgeous designs and skyscrapers like the Warsaw Spire with a large neon sign with the words ‘I love Warsaw’. Her combination of the past with the modern really fascinates. You should agree that it is not appropriate to every city.

Also, like every lady she likes fashion. Big amount of malls and boutiques confirm it. There are Zlote Tarasy, Arkadia, Blue City, Vitkac (Wolf Bracka), Klif, Galeria Mokotow, Plac Unii where you will find different clothing brands. Mohito, Reserved, House, Wojas, Gino Rossi, Simple, Solar, Inglot, Monnari, Tatuum are Polish store chains that are located all over the world. Another passion is cooking, which characterizes her like a real housewife. Polish cuisine is often demanding in preparation because the traditional dishes are real piece of art. You may try them in restaurants such as Zapiecek, Stary Dom, Varso Vie, Dawne Smaki, №31 restaurant & Bar, Dom Polski.

Warsaw is calm and dynamic at the same time. Romantic walks in Praski Park, near the banks of the Vistula, in Łazienki Park, in Saski Garden and on the Roof Garden of the University of Warsaw Library inspire you and great parties in clubs such as Level 27, The View, Opera Club, Sketch Nite, Club Capitol, Bal and Bank Club pleasantly entertain.

Such combinations of different styles and moods are inherent only for woman. So, it is distinctive feature of Warsaw. No matter what you look for, you will find it in this city.

Marta Stupnicka
Student at the University of Warsaw, language learner, vegetarian and yoga lover. She draws her inspiration from trips, art and books. Personal assistant at Papug.pl