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Use your smile to change the world

by Marta Stupnicka

Think positively, live positively! Make it your good habit!

If you always treat yourself as a pessimist and your actions are performing in that way change it right now! Let the slogan ‘I love the world and it loves me’ lead you daily. Also, it’s important to understand that thoughts are material. They don’t control us, on the contrary, we do it. Improve this process till it will become your beneficial habit.

You won’t change your world without believe in yourself and your abilities. Program your mind for total success! The repetition of the phrases ‘I will be successful in my life’, ‘I can work it out’ and another your goals will bring you to your dreams soon.

The representation of this theory is very simple on the practice. For example, imagine the situation with a punctured tyre of your vehicle. Your thoughts immediately will be negative and mood spoiled on the whole day. However, think positively! It’s good that this situation has happened in the city and not in the jungle or desert. It’s good that towing service may always help you. Also, it could be worse if two tyres were punctured or even three. Be positive about the fact that you have a car because not everyone is able to buy it.

How many similar troubles have you had? Call to mind some negative experiences that have really infuriated you. Now, try to find positive in it. Thus, in every situation in your life train your mind to see the good! Become the most positive person in your surroundings! Troubles are like challenges that give you experience and wisdom. So, the previous negative practice is not treated as a mistake, it’s a lesson. Famous people on their ways to success usually take dares of fate and make them favorable opportunity. These people don’t differ from those who are less successful. They are just more persistent. There is the main difference between winners and losers. The first ones do their best to break the deadlock. The world is built in the way that positive always wins negative, even after the darkest night morning always comes, even after the coldest winter there is spring.

The positive way of thinking is the base of success. As the greatest sage Buddha says what you think you become.

Marta Stupnicka
Student at the University of Warsaw, language learner, vegetarian and yoga lover. She draws her inspiration from trips, art and books. Personal assistant at